I have been doing this business for the past Fourteen years. I work many hours a day either by walking around or standing in the areas that the celebrities are having some kind of event. I go to Talk Shows, Premiers, Events put on for or by the celebrity. I get my photos printed & ready for what ever Event that is going on that day. I take them with me in a large duffle bag that I carry around that usually weights around 75lbs. Most of the celebrities know me very well now and I don't have to fight back their body guards so much.

I sell a lot of my photos at the Conventions I work at on a regular basis. (Picture shown on Home Page)  I have my higher dollar items on the wall and most photos are in the binders on the tables that sell at different prices depending on who they are, how hard they are to get their autographs, where on the photo they sign at, the clearity of the autograph, how many they sign, whether they are A list, B List or their popularity. There is many factors on how the autographed item prices for. 

I live in Hollywood, CA fairly close to where most of their Events occur. My hours of work also depend on when & where their events happen. I usually work approx. 16 Hrs a day  in order to cover the events of the celebrities. I was currently on the Entertainment Tonight Show out getting autographs this May with other collectors talking about the industry. 

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